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02/05/15 03:21 PM #17    

Paul Uslan

My Dad had a throw pillow on his bed that said the "Golden Years Suck"!  I thought it was funny then and still think it is funny now, but now understand it!


02/05/15 05:17 PM #18    

Joan Solomon (Cummings)

Bob did you live in Qakhurst ? Do you have 6 siblings? And if i remember your dad was a doctor. Is that you?

02/06/15 04:11 PM #19    

Bob Gabel

Joan,  Yes, that's me.   Dad and Mom passed last year.   Gang of 7 still very close.    Bob












02/07/15 10:15 AM #20    

Phyllis Silver

Last night Ethan Hawke talked with Charlie Rose about the knowledge of youth and then the wisdom that comes with age 70 (which he thought was old)...wisdom. That's what the Golden Years are about - right? It's our Coming of Age of Wisdom..Much better right? Can't reflect on the physical...too challenging..I like staying with the wisdom idea!!

02/07/15 01:57 PM #21    


Paul Sherman

"When the Moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars then peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars". 



That reminds me. I really must get my medical marijuana card. Golden Years, my arse

02/08/15 10:09 AM #22    


Tad Kallini


Done! I have no contact information for him. If you do, please let him know that he can join the site and start receiving any updates to the site. I'm sure he's welcome to attend th ereunion as well.


02/16/15 02:53 PM #23    


Tad Kallini

Quick question for anyone going to our reunion this October:
We may need a laptop and an LCD projector for the Saturday evening event. Do any of you have either or both the Reunion Committee can borrow for that evening?

02/17/15 01:31 PM #24    

Phyllis Silver


I will be traveling with my Macbook Air - and glad to bring it However, I don't have the projector..and whoever provides it has to be sure to have the adaptor/plug that is Mac compatible.  I will have it with me in New Jersey when I come, so you just need to let me know whenever!!   phyllis 


02/18/15 09:27 AM #25    


Tad Kallini

Excellent, Phyllis! Thanks for the offer. I'll give you a shout as we get closer to the date. The committee is working hard to keep the cost down while making it a first class event. Going to be a great weekend!


03/17/15 03:13 PM #26    


Suzanne Paul (Nelson)


03/18/15 08:16 AM #27    


Tad Kallini

Happy Birthday, Pat. Enjoy the day!

12/27/15 08:57 PM #28    

Carol Frank

Happy New Year to everyone! 

I now have 6 months to retirement - I look forward to it.  I'll be visiting my old buddies and I'll have a second bedroom ready in my new house!

12/28/15 02:54 PM #29    


Tad Kallini

Carol! Yay! You need a countdown clock!


12/29/15 06:36 PM #30    

Carol Frank

You bet!  I have my calendar ready for the 1st.  Right now I'm preparing to renovate my condo in Middletown. I feel like I'm coming back home.  I am one happy camper.

Caorl XOXO

12/31/15 11:15 AM #31    

Jane Civins (Malardo)

Congratulations, Carol ! Here's to fun-filled, wonderful, amazing adventures in retirement.

02/24/17 02:09 PM #32    

Lana Goldberg (Gauvreau)

Sorry to hear of Susan's passing. Can still see that twinkle in her eye.



06/21/18 12:34 PM #33    


Barry Scharf

Hell all you boomers... I just wanted to check in and let you know I am still alive and enjoying life living in St George Utah. This is such a beautiful place and living so close to 5 National Parks makes for adventure.

06/22/18 12:06 PM #34    

Serena Perlman (Stockwell)

That is GORGEOUS Barry - great to see! Thanks so much for posting it!


06/22/18 12:41 PM #35    

Anne Smith (Sullivan)

thanks barry and serena for posting its so good to hear from a classmate as our numbers dwindle and listening to all the negativity this country is going through it becomes difficult to enjoy life when there is such sadness in the world. I opened the paper this morning to enjoy with my coffee as i do every morning and the headline hit me  Military bases to host  immigrant children as if they were invited to a party and they had a choice. The deprevity of this nation screams this is how hitler got his start and we wondered why the german people allowed this to happen Will the world say the same of us in 50yrs. I'm angry that the paper would phrase the headline like that I am furious that we allow the president to fly by the seat of his pants with no true plan and i am tired of everyone taking cheap shots at one another. A true leader does not break his government he unites it and makes it stronger Our representatives are suppose to represent us not blindly parrot the president only to have to rewalk it anyway since the president has never had a relationship with true ethics or morals all of which the president of my usa should have. Well now that i have vented enough for a life time I wish all my fellow classmates a good day and wish all peace and happiness I hope who ever gets to go to the landing on the 13th take pics so the rest of us can enjoy too God bless you all


06/22/18 11:34 PM #36    


Gerard Morris

That is a beautiful area. I've ridden a big loop around/in all the National Parks there and enjoyed a lot of the back country trails. If I ever leave NJ, I'll probably make Vegas home. A two hundred mile circle around that area is some beautful country.


03/25/20 12:55 PM #37    


Gerard Morris

08/26/21 05:57 PM #38    

Diane Uslan (Rosen)

A very sad time .. too many are passing... Lenny Jacobs and Jimmy Rogers.. 2 more people from our class😢.. Lenny I hadn't talked to for years.. but I remember a really lovely guy.. he will be missed.. glad to see some of u in contact with him .     I saw Jimmy 2 years ago at our very small mini reunion (4 of us) .. he made a great effort to drive the distance.. he's the sweetest guy I know and always was since high school . I went to his service Tuesday and gave Sally a hug from all of us.      We miss all of you who have passed.😢
> every day is a gift.. don't sweat the small stuff and appreciate all you have❤️

03/06/22 07:37 AM #39    

Penny Conklin (Jeannechild)

Loved all the Jersey facts! Some were unbelievable yet Google confirmed them.  I do want to add/correct/offer a differing opinion about one item. I have never heard an actual and original Jersey person say "down the shore." That seems to have originated elsewhere, most likely South or Northeast Philly, probably because the shore were headed to was south, specifically Wildwood, Ventnor or Margate. To my knowledge Jerseyans say "to the beach" or "to the shore." Every time I hear "down the shore," it grates. It just does.  (Took me years and more years to get used to the word "hoagie" used when anyone in their right mind knew it was a sub. And under NO circumstance would one put mayo on it. Barf.)

03/07/22 08:14 AM #40    


Tad Kallini

Lived in Jersey from age 6 through college. We "went to the beach." Later, spent 21 years in Maryland, where we went "Downy ocean." Now, I just walk a few blocks to the pool. It was all good!


03/08/22 04:01 AM #41    

Dennis Puorro

Hi Penny,  "Down the shore" is a phrase used quite often, especially by those of us who are from the northern part of the state. We moved to West Deal in 1958 from the suburbs of Newark. Before moving we vacationed in and around Asbury Park. We would tell our friends we were going down the shore on vacation. If you hear someone say it you can be sure they're from the Newark area of the state.

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