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08/18/14 03:44 PM #1    

Tad Kallini

Welcome to the Asbury Park High School Class of 1965 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

11/10/14 01:56 PM #2    

Tad Kallini

Greetings to the Class of '65!

Just wanted to let you know about this feature of the website. It's the Message Forum, and it's an option for asking questions about the site, or about each other, or...whatever you'd like. I'm using it today just to let you know it's here. Smiles!

11/24/14 01:44 PM #3    

Barbara Yamello (Hartley)

Tad,  Maryann Glassford's married name is Haase. I have been tryig to get in touch with her.

11/25/14 01:31 PM #4    

Tad Kallini

HI, Barbara!

We have her listed as Mary Ann Laufenberg in Toms River, New Jersey. I'll pass this on to Pat Ward Darnall, who is keeping the official class list, and I'll do a little searching, also.


01/02/15 03:09 PM #5    

Tad Kallini


Changed Mary Ann's married name to Haase last week. Also, for some reason, the entire page (with 6 photos) was scanned into her profile versus just her picture (which is in the upper left corner of that page). I was able to correct by scanning the page 4-5 times to get her photo down to the right size (supposed to get my yearbook back next week, which will make that process 5 times easier!)

Anyway, thanks for keeping me in the loop. Happy New Year! See you soon!


01/27/15 05:16 PM #6    

Brian Battjer

Tad Kalini

Barry Anton has a facebook page and is currently in California.  He is listed on the missing page, but you could cotact him through facebook.

01/28/15 11:53 AM #7    

Tad Kallini


I have Barry as a Facebook friend, and we have his address in Tacoma. Anyone shown as "missing" means they have not joined the website yet. We'll be communicating much more and much more frequently when we have the details confirmed, which should be in the next few days. Thanks for the heads up...and Happy Birthday again!

01/28/15 01:29 PM #8    

Phyllis Silver

Tad --  if I post here do I have to look at a picture of you about to make a Taekwondo move at me if I say the wrong thing?


By the way...I can't figure out how to lose the second silver in my name...I am only one Silver!


01/28/15 01:51 PM #9    


Paul Sherman

I think you're golden. Oh wait. Carol golden is golden and brawe

01/29/15 08:42 AM #10    

Tad Kallini

Phyllis:You are down to only one Silver now...but one heck of a great Silver! Thought we had resolved this earlier is done. In this case, "Silver" was entered in both the "last or maiden name" and the "married name" fields. When both fields are filled, the system puts the second name in parentheses. For future reference, you can change any data on your profile by clicking on your name in the list of classmates and going to your profile page(s). Just remember to hit the "Save" button at the bottom of any page on which you've made changes.

Thanks for the heads up. See you soon!  Tad


01/30/15 03:02 PM #11    

Phyllis Silver

Thank you Tad .. I did try as previously instructed -- but technology often gets away from me..It's why I had kids ..right?  And Paul...thank you -- your facebook message this morning made me sit and watch Patrick Swazee dance one more time!! and also for the reminder (not intentional) that we are now all of us entering our Golden years..- I actually looked it up cause I thought Golden Years started at 80 -- Nope..we are there!! 

Look forward to seeing both...all of us this year. phyllis

02/03/15 01:14 AM #12    


Paul Sherman

Golden Years? You want Golden  Years?

Radio disc jockey: [on radio] Hi, everybody, this is your Cousin Brucie. Whoa! Our summer romances are in full bloom, and everybody, but everybody's in love. So cousins, here's a great song from The Four Seasons.

Baby: [voiceover] That was the summer of 1963 - when everybody called me Baby, and it didn't occur to me to mind. That was before President Kennedy was shot, before the Beatles came, when I couldn't wait to join the Peace Corps, and I thought I'd never find a guy as great as my dad. That was the summer we went to Kellerman's. 

02/03/15 01:08 PM #13    

Tad Kallini

Excellent, Paul! What's really freaky is that Cousin' Brucie is still on the air (Sirius radio) and sounds EXACTLY the same!

02/03/15 11:14 PM #14    


Diana Zyvith (LaRocque)

Yes, he is Tad and I listen to him and Peter Noone (Herman's Hermits) any chance I get, but then I love '60s music.

02/04/15 12:32 AM #15    

Holly Newman (Williams)

We saw him at the PNC Art Center last summer. He looks and sounds the same as he did when we were back in HS.

02/04/15 05:29 PM #16    

Bob Gabel

Paul,  30+ years ago, starting practice, an old man with arthritis, said to me, with fist upraised: "When I meet the guy who called these the golden years I'm going to let him have it."    Thought that was pretty clever then; now... Yeesh!   Meanwhile my XM radio is fixed on oldies stations:   40's & 50's (occasionally 60's and 70's).   Bob

02/05/15 03:21 PM #17    

Paul Uslan

My Dad had a throw pillow on his bed that said the "Golden Years Suck"!  I thought it was funny then and still think it is funny now, but now understand it!


02/05/15 05:17 PM #18    

Joan Solomon (Cummings)

Bob did you live in Qakhurst ? Do you have 6 siblings? And if i remember your dad was a doctor. Is that you?

02/06/15 04:11 PM #19    

Bob Gabel

Joan,  Yes, that's me.   Dad and Mom passed last year.   Gang of 7 still very close.    Bob












02/07/15 10:15 AM #20    

Phyllis Silver

Last night Ethan Hawke talked with Charlie Rose about the knowledge of youth and then the wisdom that comes with age 70 (which he thought was old)...wisdom. That's what the Golden Years are about - right? It's our Coming of Age of Wisdom..Much better right? Can't reflect on the physical...too challenging..I like staying with the wisdom idea!!

02/07/15 01:57 PM #21    


Paul Sherman

"When the Moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars then peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars". 



That reminds me. I really must get my medical marijuana card. Golden Years, my arse

02/08/15 10:09 AM #22    

Tad Kallini


Done! I have no contact information for him. If you do, please let him know that he can join the site and start receiving any updates to the site. I'm sure he's welcome to attend th ereunion as well.


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