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Susan Leitner

Susan Leitner

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07/24/15 10:59 AM #1    

Ronald Scavron

Susan's personality and her being itself was as beautiful as her smile.  She is missed and will never be forgotten.   Does anyone know how she died? It's so hard to believe that she is gone as it is with all of our classmates.  Susan was very special to me.  May she rest in peace.

Ron Scavron

07/25/15 11:48 AM #2    

Holly Newman (Williams)

Sorry Ron, I have not heard any details about her passing.


07/25/15 05:01 PM #3    

Anne Smith (Sullivan)

so sorry to hear of susan's passing  i didn't know her well but she was always sweet to me most of all i remember her incredible smile it was infectious she will be sadly missed

07/26/15 07:56 AM #4    

Joan Solomon (Cummings)

So sorry to hear Susan is no longer with us she was always nice to me. She will be missed.

07/26/15 12:43 PM #5    

Gwenn Kuskin (Feldman)

Sue an I were very close friends. She was beautiful and full of life!

I too was shocked by her passing,too young. 

I believe it was cancer.  Gwenn

07/27/15 07:55 AM #6    

Dianne Griffin (Hodnett)

I too was very saddened to know that Susan Leitner is no longer among us. I thought she was one of the sweetest members of our class. May she rest in peace.

07/27/15 12:09 PM #7    

Michele Zagury (Bass)

Susan and I were wonderful friends!  I remember we used to exchange outfits with each other.  Thoughout the years, I always thought about her with such great memories of the fun we had together. I was so sad to read that she had died so young.  

07/28/15 05:15 PM #8    

Sheila Holtz (Mascolo)

I was also saddened to see Susan's name on our evergrowing list... I met her when she, brand new to the area, tapped me on the shoulder on the school bus. She said that she had a message for my Mother. Tell her that Ruth Becker moved in down the street.  I did and my mom and I walked down to her house that afternoon. Seems the moms were friends in their youth in Long Branch. We became fast friends and spent many afternoons at her house. She introduced me to American Bandstand and we, along with her big sister Fran, spent too much time trying to get those dance moves down ... I never did...We drifted apart in APHS, but always had a smile for each the other...


08/01/15 06:58 AM #9    

Jane Civins (Malardo)

My comments will simply echo all of yours. How sad to learn that another member of our class has died, young and loved. We were simply classmates, sharing teachers and assignments. My single memory dates from after our school years. After college, when living in Boston, one Saturday after trying on a dress at a favorite shop, I opened the dressing room curtain -- and there was Susan, a vision from OTS/APHS and home. We laughed, hugged, remarked on the absurdity of our meeting. And then we went our separate ways. Her death leaves a vacancy for us all.

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